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Feature Roadmap

If you’d like to ask for a new feature or want to prioritize something on this list higher, please reach out on the Prompt Discord Channel. We love feedback and use it to drive our product roadmap.


Building out the Bookmarks feature to include full playbooks with multi-line commands (plus documentation). Specify placeholders in commands (command templates) that can be run with different inputs.


  • Advanced history search (using metadata fields)
  • Full-text search for command output
  • Tag commands for easy search
  • Inbox view of all commands run

Core Terminal

  • Enhanced command-completion for meta-commands
  • Custom command-completions for commands
  • Customize remote/prompt display (e.g. python virtual environments, git branch, etc.)
  • Customizable Keybindings (bind keys to metacommand scripts)
  • Meta-Command Script Execution
  • Collapsed mode (show compact mode of just commands run in session)
  • Change terminal font size

Team Sharing / Sync

  • Sync/restore sessions to the cloud
  • Sync a session between your laptop and desktop, or home and work machines
  • Invite someone to be a read-only viewer on a session
  • Collaborate using a shared session (each user can post commands into the window)
  • Search shared sessions for command-history
  • Publish saved commands and templates to your team or to the public


We have a lot more in the works planned! The features above are just the initial roadmap. We believe in the power of the command-line and feel like Prompt can be a great platform to plug into. How about setting up a SQL server as a remote and be able to run SQL queries and see tabular output. Maybe rich UI from command-line apps? Reprocessing of output (pipe it through an additional grep, head, tail, awk). And also interoperability with other open-source command line terminals.