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Release Notes

v0.4.0 - 10/14/2023

  • New UI!
  • csvview for viewing CSV files. Columns are sortable.
  • Other bug fixes

v0.3.1 - 9/18/2023

  • codeedit now has an inline markdown preview! In codeedit (when language is set to “markdown”), you can click the “preview” button or Cmd-P to open a live markdown preview pane.
  • imageview for viewing image files: imageview [filename]
  • mdview for viewing markdown files: mdview [filename]
  • Improved terminal rendering performance
  • Improved status icons for showing commands that were successful (exitcode=0), and which are still running
  • Improved error messages for renderers
  • Removed WebSharing functionality (will be back in a future release)
  • Experimental: mustache template renderer. Can combine a mustache template with JSON output to render inline HTML [view=mustache template=test.mustache] cat data.json
  • Bug fix: codeedit now gets focus when run. Can also use the standard Cmd-L to give it focus when it is the selected line.
  • Bug fix: external links now open in the standard web browser (not in a Prompt window)
  • Bug fix: font sizes are more consistent (and linked to the user selected “Terminal Font Size” setting)
  • Other bug fixes

v0.3.0 - 9/8/2023

  • codeedit for inline editing of local and remote files
  • codeview for viewing text files with syntax highlighting and code folding (replaces JSON viewer)
  • Other bug fixes

v0.2.2 - 4/17/2023

  • Add “json” renderer (react-json-view)
  • Update tab display colors, fix some minor tab layout issues
  • Update line and session settings modals to update immediately
  • Added buttons to delete sessions and screens in their settings windows
  • Fix width of markdown (default column was set too small)
  • Can now use “view” parameter to specifiy the renderer
  • Fixed bug related to large environments
  • Other bug fixes

v0.2.1 - 4/11/2023

  • Show current git branch in prompt
  • Show current python virtual environment (venv) in prompt
  • Alias “connect” to “cr”
  • Fix input focus when switching between sessions and tabs (more consistent)
  • Expanded mode for input when editing long or multi-line commands (Cmd-E)
  • Shift + up/down arrow does not move history (moves cursor in input)
  • Simplify input/command focus model and updates, more consistent input focus
  • Other bug fixes

v0.2.0 - 4/5/2023

  • Web Sharing - Quickly share a tab on the web with a secure URL
  • Redesigned connection management screens/settings
  • Updated settings screens
  • Alert/confirm popups for dangerous actions
  • Added Ctrl-Command-[Num] shortcut to switch between sessions
  • Added bindings for Ctrl-N and Ctrl-P (up/down in history)
  • Lots of UI refactoring to allow display of terminal tabs on the web
  • Fix metacmd behavior when resolving numeric IDs that are out of range
  • DB reorganization, screens are now independent of sessions (including lines and commands)
  • Big performance improvements for rendering when a screen contains thousands of commands
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

v0.1.7 - 3/20/2023

  • Renderers - added a plugin framework for line renderers, added “image” and “markdown” renderers
  • Add settings modals (UI) for sessions, screens, and lines
  • Show some keybinding hints
  • Fix readline bindings for Ctrl-U, Ctrl-W, and Ctrl-Y
  • Bug fix: remotes were always using port 22, not the configured remote SSH port
  • DB reorganization, remove windows, consolidate to screens
  • More orderly local-server shutdown
  • Backup local DB before running DB migrations
  • Fix alert/modal window styling
  • Fix paste limit into command windows
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

v0.1.6 - 3/6/2023

  • History View - shows all commands with advanced search and inline viewing of command output
  • Bug fixes

v0.1.5 - 2/27/2023

  • Collapsed view for screens (just show commands)
  • Can change the terminal font size
  • Toggle to show the full command when it gets cut off or is multi-line

v0.1.4 - 2/23/2023

  • Bookmarks - easily save and recall commands
  • Big performance improvement for screens with hundreds/thousands of blocks
  • Fix terrible scroll bar display for when MacOS is set to “always show scrollbars”
  • Updates to detect and show full MacOS version, and Prompt build times for debugging


  • Fixes for connection window (interactive input)
  • Customize application menus
  • Save terminal rendered height, big performance improvement
  • Bare [enter] in input will now scroll to the last block in window
  • Update ports to 1619 and 1623 to not conflict with common dev ports
  • /screen:reset resets all remotes for screen/window


  • Fixed crash when purging lines
  • New application icon


  • Bug fixes
  • Block rendering performance improvements
  • Added basic telemetry


Initial Relase